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TRIPLE QX Deluxe Valeting Kit


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Look after your car and get it back to TIP TOP condition. Our Triple QX Deluxe Cleaning Kit, contains everything you need. The powerful Wash & Wax gives a great clean, and leaves a layer of protection and shine. The Triple QX Wheel Cleaner, alongside the Tyre Cleaner makes sure you can remove the winter grime, with ease, and making sure you are driving in style, the powerful Glass Cleaner, takes care of the windows, and Interior cleaner for all surfaces inside! Triple QX Wash & Wax - 1 litre Powerful cleaning formula removes stubborn dirt and grime, while leaving a protective coating. Triple QX Tyre Shine Trigger - 750ml Both cleans and shines your tyres in one, removes dirt and protects Triple QX Glass Cleaner Trigger - 750ml Easy to apply trigger, minimises waste, and ensures crystal clear windows Triple QX Interior Cleaner Trigger - 750ml Gently cleaning formula for all interior surfaces, leaves a neutral odour Triple QX Wheel Cleaner Trigger - 750ml Powerful formula to remove dirt, grime and salt from all wheel types


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