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Upgrade Listings



At Motortraderz we are proud to give our customers the ability to improve the visibility of their listings in the hope for a quicker sale. Upon posting a vehicle or marketplace listing there are three types of upgrades available to you. These are "Sponsored Upgrades", "Featured Upgrades" and "Premium Upgrades".


Sponsored Upgrades


A sponsored upgrade gives your listing additional exposure by appearing in the "Sponsored Listings" box which appears on the right hand side of all individual listings. Please note that approved business users on Motortraderz have the benefit of this section displaying their other vehicle or marketplace listings instead of those from individual users, therefore a sponsored upgrade does not apply to business listings on Motortraderz.















Featured Upgrades


A featured upgrade increases the visibility of your listing by displaying it on the relevant slider located on the homepage of our website. By featuring your listing you can rest assured that it will receive maximum exposure across the island.


















Premium Upgrades


A premium upgrade gives your listing the most amount of exposure possible on the website by providing you with a featured and sponsored listing slot. This means that your listing will be visible on the homepage of the Motortraderz website, as well as within the sponsored listings section on the right side of all vehicle and marketplace listings (exclusing business listings).












If you have any questions, would like to learn more, or for interest in opening a business account with Motortraderz, please dont hesitate to email us at